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Ave Insomnicas, Welcome to InsomniaDAO the Owls nest, where sleepless insomniacs will find comfort in the dark and beauty in the stars. While we are called to be wicked in many ways, we, insomniacs know that night is for the real legends and that darkness shapes the most successful.

Of course, not everyone “battles” insomnia. Some cherish their sleepless nights. While the world is quiet, they work, live, and create. So, there is nothing wrong with us. We think that It's sad to fall asleep. It separates people. Sleepless nights at InsomniaDAO are the future!


InsomniaDAO aims to create and maintain a brotherhood of sleepless, nocturnal people and support them to become builders of the decentralized economy. It’s a transparent platform for suggestions and propositions which shall be voted by the holders of $EYE, the “Owls” of InsomniaDAO.

Treasury Growth

InsomniaDAO plans to enlarge its treasury through tax, short term, and long term opportunities including:

  • $EYE Buy/Sell TAX
  • token swaps
  • venture deals
  • innovation pursue
  • yield strategies

The success of InsomniaDAO's partners and treasury growth strategies will increase the contributions to the treasury, allowing more resources to be deployed.


Governed by the nocturnal "Owls"! A genuine prototype of a decentralized platform with an emphasis on the holders, therefore allowing them to have a say on every proposal of InsomniaDAO.

Sleepless nights at InsomniaDAO are the future!

Partners & Advisors

We have had the perfect gratification in cooperating and building a fruitful and reliable partnership with our allies and associates in the crypto industry. & more.

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  • Client
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Want to be on that list? DM us on telegram over at @UnbreakableChakra



Some of our most recent work, feel free to filter the projects based on what stuff we did for each.

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  • branding
  • web design
  • print
  • video

Want to work with us? DM us on telegram over at @noctua